And just like that, humans have adapted to the fact that we’re living with a plague that has the potential to wipe us off the face of the earth.

Give us Netflix and Amazon delivery, and we’re comfortable with numbing ourselves to the fact that we’re basically prisoners in our homes. Even if we leave them there’s nothing else to do but go back to them with the tiny things left over by the hoarders who have taken the very last can of celery soup and every last piece of printer paper.

Everything we did on the outside is now happening on the inside, and no one likes it but we’re all doing it. Rock shows are streamed online. Restaurants and liquor stores are delivering us things to keep us from being too upset that we can’t go sit down in a normal setting drinking and eating in an actual building around actual people

Who is really in control of what we’re doing? Are we all just scared because they’re telling us to be, or is there really a reason? I wonder about that when I’m taking out the trash or sitting on my patio talking to my plants. What the fuck is happening? The air is still there just as it’s always been, but now it has the potential to kill us if we share it, or if someone has walked by the same spot eight hours before that’s infected it. I can’t hug my family, and I talk to everyone in my life over computers which I hate with a passion. I’m a pen and pencil girl. I hate having to rely on something that could cut off my lines of communication. Literally at the mercy of electronics because I live on a large, disgusting, crowded, cruel, loud planet.

There are police out taking down license plate numbers, and lots of black helicopters flying overhead. I feel like a conspiracy theorist and I’m silently apologizing to the people I rolled my eyes at when they predicted this exact same scenario.

I’m not sure what the date is, and it doesn’t really matter because all the days are the same. Sitting inside, entertaining yourself, setting your alarms before you go to sleep so you can do it all over the next day.

That’s it for today. Or yesterday. I don’t even know anymore.

Me and a huge zit I’ve been cultivating are doing alright. It’s disappearing more and more, so hopefully a new one will come along that I can let use my face to display itself to no one.

Time to set my alarm!

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