I have three sisters.

My first sister is currently stuck in traffic on her way to support her girlfriend at her singing residency in a restaurant in North Austin.

My second sister is on her way to the coast with the family she has created by falling in love with an extremely intelligent but introverted man, and adopting her nephew who they have raised together for the past 8 years.

My third sister is with her daughter, husband and mother-in-law blocking traffic on the Lamar Bridge in protest of the appointment of our new Supreme Court justice.

I lie on my bed with my freshly shampooed hair wrapped in a towel smoking cigarettes and listening to David Bowie singing ‘do you want to rock and roll with me?’

My first sister has a brain that can only be described as analytical. It could easily be placed inside of a computer and no one would know the difference. She is heavily armed with weapons and supplies for the inevitable apocalypse after the breakdown of the government.

My second sister can out rationalize anyone, anytime, anywhere in a political discussion. So much so that I believe she could cause some of our current elected officials to resign out of sheer humiliation.

My third sister’s first response to even a hint of an injustice is ‘do I need to get my megaphone??!’  She regularly protests and volunteers for various causes.

I throw my jury summonses away because I thought I would only be forced to participate if I had registered to vote, which I have not in years and never will again.

I stay awake until 5 in the morning texting with my first sister, convincing her that things will be okay in a few days after she gets some sleep. She’s been awake for three days straight, and as we talk I casually research psychiatric facilities that I can afford while I reassure her that we will absolutely find a place for her to live that hasn’t been tarnished by white men.

I make sure I’m free so I can pick my second sister up from her office if she wants a ride home. Her husband is working doubles because his car has broken down, and she chose to let him drive hers for the greater good of the family. We talk about the politics of being poor, and how the system has been constructed to keep the lower class in the lower class.

I cancel any plans I have so my third sister can come over and vent her frustrations about the current state of the world, and voice her opinions about her causes without having any opposing views being screamed in her face.

When my sisters are settled safely back into their routines, I flip a coin to see if I should start reading my Archie comic books or reread my Nancy Drew collection.

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