The familiar handsome face from my past

The former heartthrob with the big blue eyes and freckles that I remember

The shy but charming sweetheart I ask to an art show

The nervous suitor who helps me frost a two-pound cupcake until three in the morning

The admirer who brings me flowers when we have a small disagreement

My hero who swears that I can trust him

My boyfriend who I make future plans with

My one and only who confuses me with his mood swings

My companion that buries me with his tortured past

My significant other who disappears and doesn’t return my calls or messages

My beloved that makes me cry on my birthday

My dear one who calls me fat, mean and selfish

The antagonist who finds any reason to argue

The fraudulent partner who makes quiet phone calls when he thinks I’m asleep

The adversary who ignites the bitch inside of me

The lover I’m unaware of sharing

The coward who drifts away with no explanation

The thief who steals my joy

The bastard who has replaced me before it was over

The deceiver I avoid

The stranger I pass as I walk down the street